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HYPNODORM® 2 mg Relaxing. Pharmacological Group: Benzodiazepine group. Composition: Active Ingredient: Each tablet contains: Flunitrazepam 2 mg. Inactive Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Lactose (monohydrate and spray dried), Talk, Magnesium stearate. 10 pills Therapeutic Activity Treats insomnia. Side effects Drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, unsteadiness when walking, headache, confusion, slurred speech, vision disturbances; gastrointestinal problems, dry mouth; decreased blood pressure, tremor; changes in sexual function; sweating; muscle weakness; increased heart rate, chest pain; swelling of the face, lips and throat, swallowing or breathing difficulties; rash, itching; problems with urination; nervousness, tension, excitability, restlessness, nightmares, hallucinations, sleep disturbances, violent, troublesome behavior, confusion, forgetfulness, psychosis. Storage: Store below 25°C. Manufacturer: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Israel. License Number: 032 33 22417 00 DELIVERY WORLDWIDE Also known as: Rohypnol, Rohypnols, Hypnodorm tablets, Hypnodorm, Hypnosedon, Narcozep, Primum, Rohipnol, Sedex, Valsera, Roofies Buy Hypnodorm 2 mg 10 tablets / Buy Hypnodorm 2 mg online / Hypnodorm 2 mg 10 tablets original / Delivery Hypnodorm 2 mg worldwide Buy Flunitrazepam 2 mg 10 tablets / Buy Flunitrazepam 2 mg online / Flunitrazepam 2 mg 10 tablets original / Delivery Flunitrazepam 2 mg worldwide Buy Rohypnol 2 mg 10 tablets / Buy Rohypnol online / Rohypnol tablets original / Delivery Rohypnol 2 mg worldwide

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