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Medications provided by doctor's prescription only. If you have no the prescription you may get the prescription from our clinic online.  For getting treatment regimen and kit of medications please add to cart all necessary medications, describe your health condition. Based given information, Israeil doctors of Alishech VMC Clinic will provide you a medication.


Courier from your local express post office will deliver the parcel to your home address. When ordering, do not forget to leave your mobile phone number so that carrier had the opportunity to contact you and coordinate the delivery. If you are unavailable, courier will leave a notice specifying its location or the nearest post office at your door or in your mailbox, so that you know where your parcel is. The drug’s name is not indicated on the parcel for compliance with medical ethics). Parcels are sent every day from Israel, excluding Saturdays and holidays. Delivery is carried out by EMS worldwide (delivery to Tajikistan may be delayed). Delivery to the Arab countries is unavailable. Delivery to Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Spain is unavailable; only gels and ointments may delivered to the mentioned countries. Cash on delivery between Israel and other countries is not possible, as there is no such agreement between the postal services of Israel and those of other countries; therefore it is necessary to pay in advance before parcel dispatch. 

When ordering a product, the buyer agrees with the following:

* If the parcel is not delivered, or the delivery content is damaged, the recipient will be refunded the entire amount of the order, or the company will send a new package in accordance with the buyer’s wishes.  If the buyer paid in cash, the money will be refunded by the same method as used for paying. 

*In case of parcel refusal by the recipient once it has been received, no return is possible. 

* Patients who use medicines indicated on the website are aware that they suffer from their disease and used the medication to treat it.

* By choosing to buy on this website, the buyer thus gets the opportunity to be treated by Israeli medications without coming to Israel for treatment (which significantly reduces the expenses).

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