FLUCANOL 50 mg (Fluconazole) 7 cap [category_name_singular_nominative]

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FLUCANOL 50 mg 7 capsules Composition: Active Ingredient: Each capsule contains: Fluconazole 50 mg Inactive Ingredients: Lactose, Corn starch, Magnesium stearate, Sodium lauryl sulphate, colloidal silica, Titanium dioxide, Gelatin. Flucanol 50 capsules also contein: Yellow iron oxide, Indigo carmine. Pharmacological Group: Anti-fungal of the Triazole group. Therapeutic Activity Antifungal treatment. Side effects Itching, rash, redness, edemas, swelling of the face, eyelids, lips, tongue or throat, peeling, blisters; breathing or swallowing difficulties; jaundice, tiredness, headache, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting; insomnia, fainting, arrhythmia, dizziness, seizures. Storage: Should be stored below 25°C. Manufacturer: Rafa Laboratories Ltd., Israel License Number: 1283630643 DELIVERY WORLDWIDE Also known as: Fluconazole, Diflucan, Canesten, Flucan, Fluven, Zocon, Triflucan, Ongicil, Forcan, Fluka, Fluc, Canzika, Fumycin, Ozole, Fludiv Buy Flucanol 50 mg 7 capsules / Buy Flucanol 50 mg online / Flucanol 50 mg 7 capsules original / Delivery Flucanol 50 mg worldwide Buy Fluconazole 50 mg capsules / Buy Fluconazole 50 mg online / Fluconazole 50 mg original / Delivery Fluconazole 50 mg worldwide Buy Diflucan 50 mg 7 capsules / Buy Forcan 50 mg online / Diflucan 50 mg original / Delivery Diflucan 50 mg worldwide

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